Best Places to Visit on a Road Trip in Greece

Greece is a scenic wonderland! There are scenic roads, trip locations, and some of the most spectacular stops tourists witness along their journey. On one of the lovely islands, there are sparkling blue oceans and white structures, and on the other, stark crumbling ruins, museums, and pretty coastal villages. Every year the scenic hotspot Greece witnesses several tourists- backpackers, luxury travelers, and even road trippers, who venture out through its length and breadth on a car amongst the majestic roads and countryside.

Greece is a year-round destination because of the many things it offers tourists on their road trips. One might connect Greece travel with ferrying from island to island or inland bus rides. However, renting a car in Greece is a must-do and a terrific opportunity to stray off the main path and explore the unexplored. One can rent a land rover and mount the land rover discovery roof rack to carry the essentials and luggage on the go. A car road trip will enable tourists to be more flexible with their plans and visit tiny villages, otherwise inaccessible archaeological sites, and beautiful beaches.

Athens to Nafplio
It takes around an hour and a half to get there from Athens. Nafplio is one of Greece's most charming and daring road trip destinations, as well as a city with a long history as the country's capital (between 1823 and 1834). It's an old travel writing cliche, but Athens truly is a beautiful blend of ancient and contemporary. It has modern cafes and stores under the shadow of the magnificent Acropolis, which has stood guard over the city for nearly 3,000 years.
BourtziAll, a beautiful Venetian castle in the tiny island Agioi Theodoroi, can be seen from the town's harbor. However, the town's most notable sight is the prominent Palamidi Castle, which is reachable by scaling its 999 steps. Theodoros Kolokotronis, a hero of the Greek revolution, was imprisoned in this historic palace.

Corinth Canal connecting Athens and Corinth
The Corinth Canal, about an hour's drive from Athens, is an exciting place to visit. The route lies virtually entirely on a new multi-lane highway with multiple toll booths. Even though it is said that a canal was initially imagined 2,500 years ago (by Corinth's ruler Periander), it didn't exist until the late 19th century. Ancient Corinth is also very popular with tourists and is only 3 kilometers south of the present city. It was an iconic city in ancient times as it was a center of trade and housed a large portion of the naval base.

Athens to Delphi
The trip to Delphi is one of the most popular tours from Athens, and it's easy to see why. Delphi, often regarded as the epicenter of Ancient Greek history, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has plenty of archaeological sites, each more intriguing than the last. It takes roughly two and a half hours to go from Athens to Patras, its third-largest city. Although it is bustling like the capital, it has a very different vibe with plenty of university students studying at prestigious institutions.

Monemvasia to Gythio
Gythio is the area's largest town, but it's definitely worth the trip to explore the entire Mani Peninsula. This beautiful location appears to have mostly slipped under the horizon for international visitors, which adds to the joy of rediscovering it on your Greece road trip.

Athens to Sounio
Sounio is around an hour's drive from Athens. It is located 69 kilometers southeast of Athens at the southernmost point of Greece's Attica area. Tourists can visit the Temple of Poseidon, a magnificent structure built in 444 BC to honor Poseidon - Lord of the Sea. He held a high position in the administration of humorous Greek gods. When Aegeus, King of Athens, believed his son Theseus died, he leaped to his departure. As a result, the Aegean Sea goes the name after him.

Nafpaktos to Delphin
This journey concludes in the famous town of Delphi, named for the adjacent ruins. The ancient city was once an important town of Ancient Greece- it being the home to Apollo, the civilization’s most powerful and revered oracle. The trip from Nafpaktos takes approximately 90 minutes, and there is enough to see and do in the vicinity. The route is incredibly scenic, with most of it taking you down the coast, where there are various beaches and villages to visit. Galaxidi is an excellent place to stop for lunch, especially at Zygos on the waterfront.

Road trip in Greece is an excellent experience for all. Tourists driving around the country can traverse areas rich in touristy things and enjoy at their pace. They can visit new villages and mountain communities where time seems to have stopped. Simply by venturing off the usual road and being a little more accommodating, tourists can have gorgeous beaches all to themselves. They can also relish their taste buds on some of the wonderful delicacies of the region. Do not hesitate. Just steer the wheels and set on; a new and exciting adventure awaits you!

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