Greece for Yogis: These Places You Want To See

Rishikesh is considered the birthplace of yoga so you would expect there to be a lot of yoga retreats in India. But there's a place that you might not think of first when it comes to finding your "om" that's just as amazing -- Greece.

Yoga and yoga retreats are exploding in popularity all over the world. There are over 300 million practitioners all around the globe and over 20,000 retreats they can visit.

Greece is famous for its rich history and picturesque vistas, but by the end of this list you'll know it as one of the top yoga destinations in the world. Keep reading to discover how vacationing in Greece can help you find your inner zen.


It's impossible to take a bad photo in Santorini. This Greek island natural and man-made architecture are truly stunning to behold.

That's what makes it so perfect for practicing yogis and yoginis. Imagine going through your sun salutation as the sun rises and bathes the landscape in golden rays.


If you find Santorini a little crowded in pricey because it's one of the biggest tourist locations in Greece, Kos is a better pick. This hidden island gem boasts a rich history and soft, sandy beaches with clear waters.

The natural beauty and the storied past make this a perfect place to work out your mind and soul as well as your body. Feel a connection to the past through the present on Kos.


Head to Samothraki for an out-of-the-way and comprehensive retreat. Here you'll find yoga destinations that include daily meditations, private lodging away from the hustle and bustle of crowds, and plenty of yoga classes for those who have a bit of experience under their belt.

Connect with nature on a long hike and then meet up with other like-minded practitioners. This is one of the best places to go for any yogi or yogini visiting Greece for the first time.


This island is the heart of the Greek yoga community. You can play by the beach day and night, soak up the sun, enjoy the local culture, and pick from dozens of yoga schools to attend.
Not only will you find new friends in the yoga community, but you'll never run out of classes to try.


The hosts who put on the inclusive and in-depth yoga getaway on Corfu have worked hard so you don't have to. The focus here is to just relax, enjoy, and unwind.
While we might push ourselves to try new, more challenging asanas, sometimes what we need is to simply reconnect and be kind to ourselves. This resort offers massages, delicious Greek food, and multiple different yoga classes.

Visit Greece on Your Yoga Getaway

Now when you think of the perfect yoga getaway, you're going to think Greece. Every island has a new experience to explore, and we know you'll want to book your trip right away.
Want to learn more about practicing yoga in Greece? Check out COYA, a Greek website with more information about practicing yoga and keep learning.

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