Visit Kefalonia: What is this beautiful Greek Island known for?

Packed with rugged landscapes and sandy coves, Kefalonia is an idyllic island where most holidaymakers simply feel their troubles melt away. Although many holidaymakers think that all the Greek islands are similar, each has its own unique identity and culture. So, if you’re thinking of booking a holiday to Greece later in 2020 or 2021, here’s a rundown of the three features Kefalonia is most known for.

#1 Beautiful Beaches

The Greek coastline stretches for over 16,000 kilometres and contains over 430 beaches. However, Kefalonia is home to the finest. In fact, Myrtos Beach was voted as one of the finest in the world by Lonely Planet, but Antisamos, Lourdas and Skala are also popular with holidaymakers.

In fact, in a recent survey by Cosy Owl that asked British holidaymakers which scent reminded them of Kefalonia the most, ‘beach smells’ and ‘sea air and sea salt’ were both popular answers. With most Brits using a holiday to Kefalonia to soak up the sun, perhaps it’s unsurprising that they reminisce about their holidays by thinking about the sun beating down on the sand and the waves crashing against the beaches. After all, you’d never get bored of the beaches in Kefalonia. The island’s home to 36 in total, so you could go to a different beach every day for a month and still not experience them all.

#2 Scenic Views

Kipouria Monastery

You can tell just how beautiful Kefalonia is from the fact that the #Kefalonia has been used over 600,000 times on Instagram, with people showing a lot of love for the sunset you can see from the Kipouria Monastery in particular.

In addition to this, tourists love the grand mansions of Fiscardo, the Cave Lake of Melissani and Ainos Mountain. If you manage to reach the top, the views from 1,628 meters above sea level will literally take your breath away.

#3 Food and Drink


Greek food is renowned around the world. But, although it’s often imitated, it’s never properly replicated, which is why thousands of holidaymakers return to the Greek islands every year.

If you’re interested in traditional Greek cuisine, then Kefalonia is the perfect location. After all, the island produces its own yellow cheese, feta cheese, olive oil, honey and local meats. Plus, it’s also home to traditional family recipes, such as pie filled with salted cod, skordalia and tsigaridia. What’s more, the island produces its own sweets and you can even wash your meal down with robola, a wine that originates from grapes grown in Kefalonia.

The home of beautiful beaches, world-class food and some of the most fabulous views in all of Europe, isn’t it time that you booked your next holiday to Kefalonia? It’s clear that the memories will stay with you forever.


Andre Gwilliam

Freelance Writer

Writer for Cosy Owl blog

Writer at Spike Digital