Going Greece; Made With Lot’s of Love

After contacting the Visit Greece team I was encouraged to showcase my love for my country and what I am trying to do. My name is Greg Peter Patrikios. I was born and raised in Toronto Canada until I was 18 years of age. I served the Greek military for 2 years, and now living in Denmark for almost 32 years. I'm educated as a Market Economist, with a Master in Communication & Business Development. I'm also a pilot, and have been working in the Travel Industry for 13 years working with companies such as Olympic Airways, American Airlines, and Lufthansa. Greece is my passion, my true passion. I have visited many places around Greece over the years and have basically spent all my life promoting Greece. Since Facebook opened in 2007 I have been promoting Greece everywhere in Scandinavia through my 5000 Facebook followers. I finally decided to follow my destiny. I want to become an ambassador for Greece and showcase this wonderful country to everyone around the world; in my own special way. I would like to create an organic community not only for the people around the world that love Greece, but also to incorporate, market, and promote the various Greek industries to stimulate the people that enjoy the information that I'm providing through my page. If you follow GoingGreece you’ll get to the chance to experience Greece and get tips and ideas of what to see and do in our beautiful country through pictures of Greek artists, hoteliers, chefs etc..  Then again if you are a professional within Greece you can come in contact with me and get 100%   marketing exposure through my Instagram posts and stories! Friends and friends of my friends always use to contact me for tips so it basically inspired me to want to create something to reach even more people and give my insights to them about Greece. Come and follow my GoingGreece profile on Instagram and enter a contest to win a trip to Kefalonia Island at the beginning of December when the GoingGreece website will air. I’m providing 2 tickets, an amazing little cosy bed and breakfast called Agnantia  overlooking the island of Ithaca, a car, and myself as the personal guide for 4 nights Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to see you over at my Instagram account soon! Greg Patrikios GoingGreece Instagram