A Big Fat Greek Easter

Come and celebrate Easter in Greece, one of the biggest and most sacred celebrations for all Greeks. You can visit Patmos where the Holy Flame from Jerusalem is brought or go to Corfu and experience throwing a jar onto the street from a balcony. You could also go to Santorini to see thousands of tin lanterns are lit up on the castle at Pyrgos or go to Chios to enjoy fireworks. No matter the location, every part of Greece celebrates this holiday with a bang and you can experience all that and much more if you visit Greece during the spring. Spring is said to be a time of celebration is Greece and Easter is at the centre of it all! Some local things to experience include the Ionian marching bands and going to the Holy Friday processions. Friday is also when the Epitaphio (a Christian religious icon bearing an image of the dead body of Christ) is decorated and led out of the church in a procession lit by candles.  Another must is to participate in the Ascension ceremony on Easter Eve where the holy flame is passed from person to person holding candles until the entire area is filled with beautiful, flickering lights. There is something unique and mesmerising about this ceremony and is something that you should definitely take part in if you are in Greece during Easter! At the very least, the reason you should take part in Easter celebrations in Greece during your visit is because of the food. From dyed red eggs that represent life to the mageiritsa soup to tsoureki, Easter in Greece is a filling affair! The highlight, however, is the roasted whole lamb served with appetizers like tzatziki and olives and accompanied by patates fournou (potatoes roasted with citrus and oregano) and spanakotyropita( spinach and cheese pie). People usually drink ouzo or other Greek wines with their meal and the meal is such a lengthy affair that it could last up to 4 hours! So it is safe to say that Easter for the Greek people is a very special time and will be one for you too if you decide to come for a vacation during this time. Just be careful though cause you just might fall in love with the atmosphere and the food!   Clio Muse Tours Facebook Insagram