Greece: A Top 10 Honeymoon Destination in Zankyou’s

Global Survey!

For decades Greece has enjoyed its position as a top holiday destination for the masses, but when it comes to a honeymoon, couples will look for something extra special and exclusive for their romantic trip. Well, based on an international survey conducted by Zankyou, the leading wedding portal across Europe and Latin America, it has been confirmed that couples are indeed finding that “extra special something” for their honeymoon trip in Greece! The portal launched the Zankyou International Wedding Observations (ZIWO) survey, with over 6000 participants, in November 2018 for recently married and soon-to-be-married couples across 16 countries. The findings highlighted Greece within the top ten most popular honeymoon destinations for couples from Portugal, Mexico, Italy, the UK, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Poland, Russia, Netherlands and the USA. The study found that two out of three couples still opt to enjoy their honeymoon mostly on a beach or in a relaxing setting. So, with miles of beaches offering tranquil settings and idyllic backdrops in Greece and islands such as Mykonos, Kefalonia and Santorini, couples are spoilt for choice. In addition to the beaches, couples can choose between thousands of luxury and boutique hotels and spas, which also fulfil their relaxation honeymoon criteria.     The study also revealed that a third of couples seek to participate in adventurous activities during their honeymoon. Well, thanks to the watersports offered in locations such as Paros, Lemnos and Milos, millennial couples searching for that adrenaline rush can quench their thirst for adventure by participating in the wide range of activities available; from sailing, to windsurf, to diving; and have a new and exciting experience together as newly-weds. Furthermore, another 36% of couples enjoyed participating in cultural activities, highlighting the interest from honeymooners to spend part of their trip exploring the history, gastronomy and art in destinations such as Athens and Crete.     More and more millennial couples are also visiting multiple destinations during their trip, so with 8000 islands to choose from, Greece once again presents itself as the perfect stop for a romantic get-away after the wedding. So it's confirmed, Greece and all its islands are a honeymoon offering not to be missed. zankyou.es zankyou.fr zankyou.it zankyou.de zankyou.com.br Facebook LinkedIn