5 reasons to visit Anafiotika in Athens

I loved the authentic streets of Anafiotika. These streets are very different from the rest of Athens and remind a lot of Greek Island architecture. There is a lot of things to see in Athens, but somehow, a simple life in Anafiotika can be as impressive as miracles like Parthenon. In this post, I have gathered 5 reasons, why you should visit Anafiotika. Let's dive in! 1. Architecture Have you seen the white houses of Santorini? This is how many people picture Greece. Anafiotika is a compact district, that holds the essence of the island architecture. The houses are made in traditional style and painted white.   2. Cats Oh, there are lots of casts! And they seem to love tourists. There weren't many people when we visited Anafiotika and a cat started running to us as soon as saw, it was missing human attention. Looks like in Greece they take a very good care of street cats, and Anafiotika is not an exception. I saw many people share food with them.   3. People I think if I had a house, that many tourists pass by and take a selfie with - I would be a bit disturbed. But the locals we met in Anafiotika were very friendly. I wonder how that is possible.   4. View from the top of the hill On top of Anafiotika, you would find a fantastic view over Athens. I think you can stay there forever, looking at the busy city. Both of the times we were there, we saw some street musicians, who add even more authenticity to the atmosphere.   5. When it gets dark I would recommend meeting a sunset at the hilltop. But don't leave the district just yet. When it gets dark - it has the whole different atmosphere. It is very quiet, you only can hear some old Greek music from some of the houses and cats in the bushes.   Alexander Popkov Engineer on tour