Athens is always a good idea in winter

In the center of Athens there is a graffiti that says “Athens is the new Berlin”, and this is quite true, especially when it’s about the night life, the graffiti, and the urban vividness of the city.  But for me Athens can’t be compared with Berlin, not that it’s not great enough like Berlin, it just shouldn’t be compared with any other city. This city has its own unique spirit. It has its own urban life style that is perfectly combined with the Greek culture and the smoothness of every southern seaside town. On one side you have parties that last all night and day, rooftop cafés, factories converted in museums and clubs …, and then at the same time it is so cozy and relaxed that you feel like you are chilling on a Greek island. Even in winter some parts of Athens feel like Greek summer holiday. Drinking ouzo with octopus salad in a tavern by the sea, and in the next corner it is a total different urban vibe with an amazing graffiti street. I have visited Athens twice, and both times it was for New Year’s Eve. I don’t know how it feels to be on a rooftop in July when outside is more than 30 degrees, but café – restaurant – bar agenda and sunbathing in January feels just perfect. Simona Varnalieva SAJMONOT Instagram