Why you need to visit Chania in Crete

Wonderful Greek food, charming tavernas, cozy streets, an old Venetian harbor and romantic evening walks are just a few examples of the top things to experience in this beautiful city. Food, history and romantic walks! Being an exemplary city to visit on Crete, Chania shows its best side in its old harbor, which is famous for its 16th-century Venetian lighthouse. This particular quarter of Chania is modestly packed with architectural remnants of long-lost mighty empires like the Venetians, Egyptians, and Ottomans. The right touch of sunlight here in the summer is sublime. Perfect for a long daytime walk along the seaside. If you prefer an evening walk, you’ll have an even more romantic experience at sundown as the harbor in Chania gets beautifully colored by the sunlight. Later in the evening, the harbor will be tinted differently by yellow street lights and their reflection on the calm seaside water. Get filled up with joy as you restfully walk around here after a good Greek dinner you had in one of the many seaside tavernas in Chania. You’ll have plenty of choices here when it comes to amazing Greek specialties. The food won’t disappoint you. The many small streets in Chania are sprouted with a delightful amount of tavernas. And because the old center of Chania isn’t that big, you’ll never have to walk long distances to reach the harbor after your meal. Tip: there will also be plenty of opportunities for a good glass of local wine or an energizing cup of coffee during your walks in the streets of Chania! What time is best to visit Chania in Crete? Chania sees a lot of visitors in the summer months. So, be ready for a bit of crowd in the old harbor area. The rest of the small streets in town are much calmer in the summer. In the winter, the city shows a different side. During this calmer part of the year, the university and local life in Chania sprouts. You won’t see many tourists during this time of the year. The charm of Chania remains present during the whole year. And every season shows a different side of the city. It’s best is to visit Chania right before or right after the high peak season in July and August. The spring months of April, May, June and the late summer/autumn months of September and October are a much better time to visit Chania if you want to escape the big crowd. reed full article here