A food tour beyond all expectations!

If you are into a food tasting tour in Athens, what a better chance to discover the greatness of the traditional Greek cuisine  in a food tour which combines tasting culinary treasures with roaming the historic city center of Athens, one of the most beautiful and important Mediterranean cities. This tour takes place in picturesque neighborhoods and is specially designed to make us feel the meaning of food in Greece and eat like a local.Starting from the quaint “Psyrris”, our first encounter is the oldest bakery in the neighborhood, specializing in “koulouri” and raisin bread and distributing its goods to the entire city, a testament to the quality of its products. “Koulouri” is a circular bread encrusted with sesame seeds, and a typical Greek breakfast because of its simplicity and delightful flavor. Next destination the world-renowned Greek breakfast item, “bougatsa”. Made from layers of phyllo pastry and shining with its versatility, “Bougatsa” can be filled with custard, spinach, cheese, minced meat or chocolate, totally worth tasting!Our third stop is traditional Greek coffee and “loukoumi”, the way a true Greek likes it, served with a view of Acropolis in the Center of Greek Tradition. There, the visitor can see various items connected to the deep Greek tradition, like woodcarvings, ceramics and posters of Greek advertisements from decades ago. Greek coffee is ideal to accompany this experience, being aromatic, distinct and a part of Greek tradition itself. Pies constitute a big part of Greek tradition, too, and they couldn't be missing from our tour, so trying a spinach pie in an original shop around Syntagma square will be the perfect choice. Pies are one of the oldest greek delicacies, dominating the Greek snack scene to date with their various fillings and ways of preparation. Afterwards, our walk leads us to savour olive oil, a main ingredient of the Mediterranean cookery, famous for its unique character and health benefits. Greeks can boast that their olive oil is widely considered to be the best oil worldwide in terms of quality.But, if Greek olive oil is probably the best, Greek mastic is one of a kind, as it's only produced in Chios, has a P.D.O. designation and its own share of health benefits. The mastic shop we will visit sells all kinds of mastic products, including mastic water that the visitor can try. Next up is a delicacy rising in popularity as of late, namely ice cream rolls. The ones you will taste, though, are not your ordinary rolls, made with organic goat milk and a traditional Greek ice cream recipe to stand out above the rest. This tour would not be complete without a stroll around the vibrant Varvakios market, a central commercial point where the freshest products, ranging from fish and meat to vegetables and nuts, are on display. As part of the stroll, you will make the acquaintance of probably the most historic kitchen in all of Athens. This kitchen serves hot soups to warm your cockles during winter, but also a broad variety of Mediterranean recipes, and is preferred by almost everyone, from local people to the most demanding guests. Our following destination is a series of authentic deli shops, offering a broad variety of culinary treasures. Amongst them, famous cheeses like “feta” and “graviera”, “dolmadakia”, rusks, deli meats such as “pastourma” and pastrami and green and black olives from all over Greece, one of the oldest food items we have and known for their special taste. The tour ends fittingly with “tsipouro”, an original Greek alcoholic beverage, served alongside “meze”, a series of treats, to complete a true Greek eating experience. Food in Greece is much more than a habit, it's a means of socializing, intensifying human relationships while staying loyal to our roots. By Athens Food on Foot