5 Things You Can Only Do in Greece This Summer

Greece is one of the world’s most fascinating travel destinations in every season. However, there’s something even more special about enjoying a warm summer day on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches

In fact, summer in Greece means even more than the postcard-worthy beaches and famous ruins you see in the guidebooks. It’s when the country truly comes to life with music and dance festivals, iconic parties in picture-perfect locations, and unforgettable hikes on comfortable June, July and August evenings. These are five things you’ll only be able to experience if you visit Greece this summer. and exploring ancient ruins on a cool summer morning.

Take a Dip in Lake Vouliagmeni

You don’t have to take a separate trip to a Greek island to cool yourself down in the warm summer months. In fact, Lake Vouliagmeni is just under 25 kilometres from the capital city of Athens. Amazingly, the lake was formed when a massive spring unleashed and collapsed the roof of an enormous cave. The result is a thermal spring-fed lake that’s said to have healing waters. Bring your bathing suit and take a dip in this gorgeous setting that you simply need to see to believe. Experience Navy Week in Soudha The citizens of Greece have strong relationships with the sea, and there’s no better way to understand the role the country’s surrounding waters play in daily life than to experience Navy Week in a Greek port or fishing village. Navy Week is a week-long celebration taking place at the end of June during every even-numbered year. The town of Soudha, on the Greek island of Crete, is known as one of the top places to celebrate the holiday, as the town bursts with live music, maritime traditions, dance performances, sailing events, swimming, and more. Hike Samaria Gorge

Anyone who has hiked Samaria Gorge will tell you it’s an absolute must when visiting the island of Crete, and best of all, the hike is most stunning during the summer months. In fact, many globetrotters will attest that hiking through Samaria Gorge National Park is one of the most epic adventures in the world. You’ll wind down a steep trail, surrounded by the breathtaking White Mountains, into one of the longest gorges on the continent.

An array of flowers, village ruins, tiny churches, river crossings, wood bridges and countless photo ops dot the way as you make your way to the small cafe that marks the end of the trail. This is an ideal place to grab an ice cream cone or ice cold beer before continue 2 more kilometres to Agia Roumeli, where you can enjoy more snacks and beverages in the open-air restaurants or simply catch the ferry back to your starting point. It’s a summer adventure you won’t regret. Take a Swim (and Many Photos) at Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world, and you’ll understand why when you see it in person. You’ll be the envy of all your friends when you tell them you swam in the turquoise waters and snapped a few photos of the ancient shipwreck that gave the beach its name. It’s recommended that travelers seeking a more private experience on the sand take an early morning tour, before the crowds inevitably arrive. Or even better, rent a vehicle and drive to Navagio to view the beach from above. After all, this is its most photogenic side.

Celebrate the August Moon Whether you’re headed to Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Crete or Rhodes, at the end of August this year, you’re guaranteed to experience one of Greece’s iconic August Moon celebrations. Athens is the most famous place to snap photos of the giant August moon over ancient ruins, but destinations large and small across the country will be celebrating with live music, performances, festivals, beach celebrations and more family-friendly fun. Summer in Greece means ideal weather, warm aquamarine waters, full-bloom foliage, and more events than you’ll be able to cram into a single vacation. What are you waiting for? Let Visit Greece help you plan your ultimate summer getaway today. By Courtney McCaffrey, Travel Writer for Flightnetwork.com.au