Must-See Lakes in Greece

Travel to five unique lakes for bird-watching, cycling, windsurfing, horse riding, boat rides and weekend picnics. Lake Plastira An artificial lake formed in the early 60s following the construction of a dam, Plastira Lake was named after a Greek military officer and Prime Minister, Nikolaos Plastiras (1883-1953), who hailed from the region and envisioned the project’s development. Where: Lake Plastira is situated in the heart of mainland Greece, in Thessaly’s Nevropoli plateau, less than an hour away from the provincial city Karditsa. When: Although most popular between fall and spring, Lake Plastira is an all-year destination. Travelers who do not prefer crowds should avoid heading to the region during long weekends and public holidays.  Why: The location is ideal for walks through forests filled with chestnut trees and firs. There are family paddle-boat rides as well as canoe, kayak and pirogue rides all the way to the dam. It is also a place to become acquainted with archery and for cycling on both dirt and asphalt lakeside tracks. Lake Pamvotida  Up until the ‘50s, Lake Pamvotida belonged to the same ecosystem as Lake Lapsista before it dried out.  Nowadays, despite having suffered some environmental damage as a result of human intervention, Lake Pamvotida remains a jewel of Ioannina and the wider Epirus region. According to legend, Ali Pasha, the Ottoman Albanian ruler whose territory included most of Epirus, ordered the drowning of a beautiful young lady named Frosyni in the lake after she rejected his sexual advances. Where: Lake Pamvotida is located in the Epirus prefecture, northwestern Greece, at the foot of Mount Mitsikeli and is widely referred to as the “Ioannina city lake”. When: Though Lake Pamvotida may be visited throughout the year, fall to spring is probably best. Why: Lake Pamvotida is ideal for strolling alongside its still waters. Taking a boat to the inhabited and highly picturesque islet within the lake makes for a fascinating experience. It can be covered on foot in a short amount of time. The tavernas operating on the islet serve unusual recipes, including eel and frog legs.  In addition, the island boasts the Ali Pasha and Revolutionary Period Museum. see full article here