Unmissable Sensory Experiences in Rhodes

Experience the beautiful Greek Island of Rhodes. Steeped in history and alive with a vibrant, welcoming culture, Rhodes offers many adventures that aim to invigorate the senses. Rhodes Town Feel the sunshine kiss your skin as you meander through the cobbled streets of this magnificent city. Journey back in time as you enter through the impressive defensive walls which encircle Rhodes Town. With warm sunlight illuminating the maze of narrow, cobbled streets, numerous quirky stools offer a shopper’s paradise in which holiday makers can explore the variety of colourful items providing charming, inexpensive souvenir and gift ideas. Agios Pavlos Beach (St Pauls Bay) Listen to the gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea as you soak up the sun in picturesque St Pauls Bay. This gorgeous well-kept beach is protected from the elements by a rocky headland, making it ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving in the brilliantly blue waters and watching the boats sail by as you sunbathe on the beach. After swimming out to the rocks, visitors can attain refreshments at the nearby café or enjoy a meal at the waterfront restaurant that boasts beautiful views of the bay. Taverna Platanos Taste the delicious authentic, home-made cuisine served at Taverna Platanos. A hidden gem set in the quiet town of Vati, the taverna offers a range of mouth-watering Grecian delicacies for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. Promoting a welcoming, social environment, this family run restaurant allows visitors to while the away an evening in a rustic, picturesque setting talking with old and new friends. Petaloudes: Butterfly Valley Attracted by the sweet aroma of the Liquidambar orientalis (Oriental Sweetgum Trees), a kaleidoscope of butterflies nearing the end of their lifecycle travel to the valley in order to reproduce. Visitors can get back to nature as they wander through the reserve, observing the butterflies masquerading as leaves in the lush undergrowth that inhabits the valley. Couples, families and friends can make the most of the many photogenic spots in which the beautiful green valley and wonderful clear waters of the river form a stunning backdrop. Lindos Acropolis Observe the breath-taking views from Lindos Acropolis. Looking over St Pauls Bay and the east coast of the Island, the ancient ruins of the Citadel offer visitors a unique location to explore. The journey up to Lindos Acropolis can be busy and steep, however donkey rides are available to make the journey easier. Lead through the shaded back streets, the donkeys are guided by a local up the winding roads to the summit. Once finished, visitors can buy refreshments at the café positioned just outside the castle and then stroll down through cobbled pathways lined with a colourful display of items on sale. Article by Jaye Somers and Classic Collection Holidays. Classic Collection Holidays specialise in luxury tailor-made holidays in a range of breath-taking locations. Along with our overseas staff, we aim to give our customers a unique and memorable holiday experience.