Thessaloniki’s new restaurants

The “Aficionados” (105, N. Plastira Str.) in the district of Kalamaria, is arguably the most important new arrival in the gastronomic scene of Thessaloniki. The centerpiece of the project that is housed in a beautifully restored mansion is the fine- dining restaurant on the first floor: it seats only 36 persons and opens on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, serving up a menu curated by the award-winning Chef Dimitris Pamporis. On the ground floor, there is a cocktail bar and a cigar lounge, while on the second floor you’ll find a lounge bar with select wines and premium wines upon request, champagne, and spirits. A new presence in the Nea Paralia district is the impressive “Ciel” (12, Megalou Alexandrou Avenue), which shares two spaces, the café-bar and the restaurant, with Chef Ectoras Botrini creating a menu with intriguing dishes, such as the slow-cooked breast of organic farming chicken with corn and truffle risotto. A new entry in the hot neighborhood of Ladadika is the “Haroupi” (4, Doxis Str.): the unpretentious modern décor is the setting for the Cretan cuisine -with some creative touches- created by the chef Manolis Papoutsakis, who will welcome you and also say goodbye to you with a glass of raki. In the same neighborhood, in a late-nineteenth-century building, the new restaurant “Tzimis” (corner of 21, Egyptou Str. & Orvilou Str.) serves up a menu focused on meat created by Chef Ilias Skoulas. “Enfant gaté” is a brand-new, swanky restaurant (159A, Dimitriou Str.) found in the atrium of the Teloglio Foundation, which serves with Greek cuisine. Last but not least, “Brizola” (4, Mantzarou Str.) is an atmospheric and stylish meat restaurant next to the “One Salonica Outlet” Mall.