Pilobolus come to Athens to enchant us

What would you say if a forest came to life in front of you, or if you became a part, for a little while, of a strange universe with creatures that live only in fairy tales? Pilobolus, who return to Athens after ten years with a performance entitled “Shadowland,” is the sibling of Momix, which was formed in 1971. Each of their performances is a show of scenic surrealism, a bold game of transformation that flirts with optical illusion. For the creation of Shadowland, Pilobolus collaborated with the multi-talented musician, actress and screenwriter Steven Banks and the acclaimed composer David Poe, who wrote the original music. In the show, everything starts in the little house of a teenager preparing to sleep. For her parents, she is still a little girl, but she wants her independence. She falls asleep with her thoughts, but suddenly, in her dreams, her shadow that hides behind the wall of the bed wakes up and escapes from the house. The walls are swirling, and the shadow-girl is looking for a way out, starting her journey to Shadowland! The show is presented by the Athens Concert Hall from 13-17/12.