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Light, colors, scents are part of every trip… They stimulate the senses and create unique memories… The scenery and its diffused light are reflected in the photos… the aromas are enclosed in the postcards of Feel Greece… that The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) offers you. “Send-A-Scent” is a “clever” postcard containing herbs and aromatic plants of Greece, giving the unique opportunity to the visitor to “capture” the scents and aromas of the Greek land and to travel them wherever he wishes. This way, the classic postcards that remind the traveler of the places he visited, a “thought” to friends and loved ones, becomes vivid and alive, carrying also the aromas of the place, enriching the feelings…. Products that claim to be worldwide ambassadors of Greece The Greek earth with the diversities of the landscape, the geographical peculiarities of the altitude and the different humidity scales, varies from place to place. Every corner of the land has developed a unique microclimate that affects the vegetation, filling the air with the exceptional aromas of herbs, flowers and spices. Perfumes that dazzle, that touch the senses and make us travel in memories unchanged by time, while giving visitors and tourists the opportunity not only to experience this unique feeling of the country, but to take it with them or to travel it wherever they wish. This is the concept of our genuine and unique postcard: “Send-A-Scent” Send-A-Scent Cretan Aromatic Oregano For a delicious Greek tomato salad (traditional “choriatiki”) you can use the following ingredients: 2-3 ripe and firm tomatoes 1 cucumber cut into rings 1 green pepper cut into rings 1/2 red onion sliced into rings 5 olives preferably without pits 1 tea-spoon capers 100 grams feta diced 1 tablespoon vinegar 3-4 tablespoons olive oil Salt “Send-A-Scent” oregano post-card Instructions Cut the tomatoes first half horizontally and then each half in smaller pieces and place them in a salad-bowl. Add the cucumbers, the peppers, the capers, the onion, salt and vinegar. Mix them together and then add the cheese that we cut into dice, the olives and the aromatic Cretan oregano we find in the postcards Send-A-Scent. For more color, add colored peppers (yellow or red). Kali orexi! Send-A-Scent Aromatic Spearmint Ingredients for Eggplants “Imam”: 6 eggplants, not too thin 3 big onions 4 ripe tomatoes, grated 6 garlic cloves 1-2 potatoes 1 bunch of parsley Salt Pepper 1-cup olive oil “Send-A-Scent” spearmint post-card Instructions Peel the eggplants without removing completely the stem. Carve with a knife vertically from top to bottom without cutting them in half. Put them in a light brine for half an hour to take away any bitterness. At the same time prepare the sauce: In a deep skillet or shallow pan fry the onions cut into thin slices with half the olive oil. When wilt and transparent, add the garlic, pepper and the grated tomato. Season to taste. Bring the sauce to over medium heat for a quarter of an hour. Add the parsley and the “Send- A-Scent” Aromatic Spearmint. At the same time we can fry the eggplants. Pour the remaining olive oil to burn, drain the eggplants and fry lightly, turning them from all sides. They must soften slightly and then opened to add the sauce. So while in principle the temperature is high, lower in moderate to avoid burn. If necessary add some extra olive oil. Stuff with the sauce, as much as possible and line them in a pan. Peel the potatoes, cut them and put them in the remaining sauce. Place them in the pan inbetween from the eggplants. Pour the remaining sauce over the ingredients in the pan and place in the oven at 180 degrees. Bake for 40-45 minutes or until the onions and the eggplants are completely cooked. Kali Orexi! Send-A-Scent Aromatic Cretan Thyme Ingredients: Choose one of your favorite fish (bream, sterile, grouper, snapper, grouper, bream, white sea bream), fresh and according the people who are about to dine Olive oil Lemon Fresh pepper Salt Prepare an lemon-olive oil sauce for serving Instructions Clean the fish, peeling the scales and the intestines. Pour water to clean well inside and out and drain. In a bowl, mix the salt, the pepper and the “Send-A-Scent” Aromatic Cretan Thyme. Spread some olive oil on the fish (in the inside as well) and sprinkle with the mix. Barbeque or grill the fish. You may only turn it once and allow cooking time of about 10 minutes for every pound of fish. Pour the lemon-olive oil over the fish and serve while warm. In order to make the lemon-olive oil sauce, place some olive oil in a bowl and batter in a freshly squeezed lemon. Kali Epityxia! Good luck!