The Athens bartending scene’s new kids on the block

Although it opened in the heart of the summer, the “Anglais Athens” - with its entrance “hidden” between the restaurants of Mitropoleos Street in Monastiraki - became an instant hit. Its trump card is the high rooftop, from where you feel like you can touch the Acropolis. The décor is in colonial style, the cocktails are well made, and the sounds follow the routes of lounge music. Another new opening has taken place at the district of Koukaki, the city’s latest hot spot: the “Meerkat Cocktail Safari” is the brainchild of the Frenchman Romain Krot (with experience at award-winning bars in Paris) and, décorwise, draws inspiration from the African safari, while the music choices are similar. In fact, it will offer customers the opportunity to create their own cocktail by getting behind the bar for a little while. The “alternative” scene of Pangrati is drawing a lot of action lately, and it has just welcomed the “Flamingo”, a hangout designed in a minimal industrial style. It has an all-day character, boasting an attractive dining list that includes suggestions for brunch and an endless cocktail list. At the off-the-beaten-track district of Imittos, the “La Favela Project” is the result of the transformation of an old neighborhood café into a simple urban bar. There, you get to choose among classic and signature cocktails, and there will be events with guest DJs and house or hip-hop music. These days, another bar is about to open near the popular Karytsi Square: it will be called “B2” and will be an all-day place decorated in the minimalist Dutch style. The spirits list will emphasize small producers.