Lefkada: going to an island by car

Lefkada is an ideal destination for those of you who want to experience the beauties of the Ionian Sea with the exotic turquoise waters. In fact, you can do so by going on a road trip, as you will not have to board a ship but just cross the bridge that connects the island with the mainland. At this time of the year, you will have the opportunity to see the island without the crowds that inundate it in the summer. The first to welcome you will be the bustling city of Lefkada. Take a walk along the pier of the impressive marina, with the countless masts rising towards the sky from the yachts that are berthed in it. In the background, behind the marina, stretches the Old Town, with its narrow alleys, the two-storey colored houses, the beautiful churches and busy life. On the eastern part of the island lie the cosmopolitan Nydri with the impressive tourist infrastructure, and numerous small islands that you can reach by boat from the port of Nydri: the famous Scorpios of the Onassis family, which you will see from afar as it is not open to the public, Meganissi - an untouched paradise -, and the Pringiponissia invite you to ideal sea excursions. The west coast boasts the most famous and beautiful beaches of the island. Whether you want to engage in windsurfing and other sports activities, or are looking for beaches off the beaten track with turquoise waters, you will surely find the ideal place for you. The highlights of this side of the island are Agios Nikitas, Kathisma, Porto Katsiki and Egremni. Last but not least, in the uplands of the island, you will find picturesque villages to explore, such as Exanthia, Egluvi, and Karya. For your accommodation, choose the brand new “The Secret Boutique Hotel” in the Old Town. For dining, still in the historic center, the “Thymari” stands out, and the “Taratsa” is the best for a drink with a view of the marina in the evening.