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Are you in love with the sea?

[caption id="attachment_8380" align="aligncenter" width="1920" caption="The diving champion Jenna Apokotos dives and takes part in the #MyBlue campaign."][/caption] 'Conservation only works if you fall in love with the sea'. Inspired by the life and legacy of legendary freediver Jacques Mayol, #MyBlue aims to raise awareness about our connection to the ocean and the need to protect it. The campaign is based on our personal, lifelong relationship with the sea, the emotions it brings to us, the beauty of the underwater world and the effects of water on our body and soul. #MyBlue is a collaboration between WWF Greece, the European documentary network Moving Docs, Greek Travel Pages and Anemon, under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Organisation. It is also supported by a growing number of businesses which embrace ocean conservation and engages a global community of freedivers, conservationists, photographers, swimmers and blue activists, to celebrate the beauty of the sea. [caption id="attachment_8381" align="aligncenter" width="1920" caption="The world free diving champion William Trubridge is one of the protagonists of the Dolphin Man documentary. He is the first man to reach 125 meters on a single breath."][/caption] The campaign runs primarily on social media and is linked to the release of the feature documentary "Dolphin Man", which tells the story of the legendary free diver Jacques Mayol (the inspiration behind Luc Besson’s film "The Big Blue"). The documentary, which premieres in autumn 2017, explores our connection with the sea and the importance of ocean conservation. It is a Greek production (Anemon) directed by Lefteris Charitos, co-produced by the Greek Film Center, ERT and TV channels in France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Italy and Cyprus. Two photography competitions run within #MyBlue. Users of any nationality can participate in the competitions, without necessarily being professional photographers. Their photographs should reflect their personal relationship with the sea and holiday moments in or around the water. [caption id="attachment_8382" align="aligncenter" width="1281" caption="Jacques Mayol and his close relationship with the dolphins was an inspiration for “The Big Blue” film by Luc Besson, which made Amorgos Island famous. Thirty years after the film, the “Dolphin Man” documentary by Lefteris Charitou unveils Mayol’s harmonious relationship with the sea."][/caption] The first competition (1 June - 31 August) is related to the Greek seas and is organized in collaboration with the magazine Photographer and Apnea. The second will be held at a pan-European level in autumn, and will focus on our wider relationship with water. The winners of the contests will receive invitations for the film's premiere across Europe, underwater equipment from Apnea and airplane tickets to Greece. How to participate in the competition: 1. Visit the Facebook event Photo Competition #MyBlue 2. Upload your photo using the hashtags #MyBlue #dolphinmanfilm 3. Post the location/date of the photo and a short description of up to 30 words Dimitris Karavellas #myblue #dolphinmanfilm - ENG from Anemon on Vimeo. #MyBlue page: