Discover the new hot street of the capital

Between the busy Mitropoleos and Ermou Streets, the tiny Petraki Street is becoming a favourite spot with many Athenians. It all started with the opening of the “Heteroclito” wine bar (corner of 2, Fokionos Str. & Petraki Str.) opposite the Metropolis, which continues to gather the city’s intellectuals who want to have a glass of quality wine at the tables set on the pedestrian walkway. Just across the street, the “Cherchez la femme” (46, Mitropoleos Str.) opened recently, with a nostalgic mood for the revival of the old cafés of Athens. Sitting in the sun, around the marble tables, you will taste Greek mezes and traditional sweets, coffee boiled on hot ash, homemade sour cherry juice and lemonades, Greek spirits and wines from small wineries. Take a walk between the buildings of the 20s and 30s that adorn the atmospheric Petraki alley to discover small treasures, such as an antique store filled with interesting objects and the new “Radio Athenes” Gallery (15, Petraki 15) that has an agenda full of lectures on art and artistic performances. If you love ethnic and street food, then you can choose between “Taqueria Maya” (10, Petraki Str.) that makes tacos in seven different versions and accompanies them with fresh juices, and the brand new “Poké Hawaiian Sushi” (7, Petraki Str.) that is located right across the street and brings to town the Hawaiian and highly popular version of the favorite dish. Then again, if you prefer Greek cuisine, head to the modern “Ergon” (26, Mitropoleos Str.), or the all-time classic “Athinaikon” (34, Mitropoleos Str.) that set tables on Petraki Street. The “MET34” (9, Petraki Str.) and the “Athens Status Suites” (28, Petraki Str.) are two hotels that opened recently in the up-and-coming area and are ideal especially for those who love the atmosphere of downtown Athens.