Rethymno where past and present combined in harmony

Rethymno or "Ρέθυμνο" as it is called in greek is a small town in Crete where you can travel in summer. It is a town where past and present are combined in harmony. The visitor can see the venetian monuments and the ottoman mosques which are part of the citty history. Walking in the streets turist observe the characteristic alleys and of course the traditional architecture. There are two main squares, that of "Four Witnesses Orthodox Church" and the second one of "Neratzes" mosque, where now is located the Music School of Rethymnon (Conservatory). A walk in the old city will show you the beauty and the story of Rethymno. You shall also visit the Archeological Museum and Historical and Folk Museum but first you should taste the greek traditional cuisine and enjoy greek hospitality. Moreover a turist should visit the old port with Venetian Lighthouse and of course the Venetian citadel of "Fortezza" which is built in 16th century to face ottoman invasions. Rethymnon is the town of inner peace. Hotels are not expensive and it's easy to find accomodation. article and video by Nearhos Koursaros