Spring Destination: Rhodes, the Island of the Knights

With its rich medieval history, warm climate and vibrant nature and villages, there are few places better to be in spring than on Rhodes. TOP REASONS TO VISIT: 1. A stroll through the medieval town Walking through this part of the town is like being in a living, open-air museum and the list of sights is long. Before the summer heat sets in, take a walk from one end of the Old Town to the other. The city contained within the old fortifications is the largest active medieval town in Europe with over 6,000 inhabitants and a complex mix of architectural styles from different eras in Rhodes’s history.  Entering the old city you will pass the medieval moat that is 12 meters deep and full of wild flowers. Extending for 2.5 km around the old city walls, it is a popular place for strolls, runs, and cultural activities in the warm spring weather. Inside the old city, starting from the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights walk along the Street of the Knights, where you will still see coats of arms on the elegant facades of the houses. At the end of the route you can visit the Hospital of the Knights, which now houses the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. 2. The incredible nature walks   This is Rhodes in all its glory. Visit the famous Valley of Butterflies, even if it’s too early in the year for the thousands of winged beauties that take refuge here and give the nature reserve its name. A walk among ponds crossed by romantic bridges under the dense canopy is an utter delight, and if you make it as far as the Monastery of Kalopetra, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of Rhodes. The valley is a paradise of twittering birds, peacocks, rushing waters and winding trails. Your ultimate destination is the Seven Springs. Once you pass the natural spring in Salakos, a lovely path will take you to the top of Profitis Ilias in under a half-hour. see full article here