E. Marneri Galerie: A unique arty space at the foot of the Acropolis

Could you imagine a place where the past of aesthetics meets the present, fashion and the art of everyday life? Such a multifaceted experience is offered by “Galerie E. Marneri” (corner of 5-7, Lempesi Str. & 16, Porinou Str.) that opened in late 2011 in a building in the Acropolis area that combines the ancient with the modern. Ms. Eleni Marneri is responsible for this holistic project, as she sets up, curates and hosts exhibitions and events, finding the intersection of fashion and art. For her, fashion is associated with art; hence, the jewel can become a symbol of its owner. Besides jewelry, in the gallery, you can also find cosmetics, clothes, accessories and unique items for a design-friendly everyday life.