Best Easter Vacation Ideas 2017 in Greece

Easter is a smart time to take an activity holiday or a trip to a new destination. For an unforgettable Easter holiday, come to Greece. Greece offers a holiday as diverse as its borders. But where to go during this precious day? You can find here the best places to spend your Easter vacation in Greece. Corfu Want to see somewhere utterly different? Visit Corfu that is a popular destination in Greece. It's the time when you can experience the island's natural beauty and its cultural activities. During the Greek Easter, you can open your doors and windows to admire the fireworks, sounding of horns and sirens. The Easter Sunday in Corfu will be during the Greek Orthodox calendar's most sacred period on the 16th of April 2017. You will see many activities for the whole family to enjoy, including church music and concerts of classical music and opera. Besides, even though you are not a devout Christian you can't help seeing the ceremonies and the Greek way of life during Easter Sunday. Patmos People in Patmos celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ during Easter. Additionally, Holy Week celebrations make the Island an exciting place to be this year 2017. Discover all the magical attractions of Patmos. Visit the Monastery of St John that is one of the most important centres of worship in Greece. As a matter of fact, during the Easter Sunday in Patmos, plenty of people walk the streets on their way to church. However, if you don't really care much about the church ceremonies, hop in a rental car and you will pass through historic places. Besides, there’s no better way to discover the island than on the road. If you prefer to be beside the seaside, see all of the best beaches that Patmos has to offer. You will also be able to take amazing pictures and admire the breathtaking natural scenery of the island. Ermoupoli Ermoupoli is a wonderful Easter destination with hundreds of entertainment and sightseeing options. If you spend your Easter 2017 in Ermoupoli, the capital of Syros island, it will be a boon beyond the blueness of the sky. There is a selection of fabulous breaks that may tempt you. You can visit two graceful Orthodox and Catholic churches. If you head to this place, there are sublimely beautiful works of art. From a night in one of the impressive Neoclassical buildings, come and uncover the Town Hall and the Apollo Theatre. Apart from that, Ermoupoli offers superb restaurants to eat lamb and drink sweet wine. Also, you will get a chance to see plenty of cafe-bars, even a casino. All in all, you can have the best in food and entertainment at your fingertips when going in Ermoupoli. Athens There is much for families to do in Athens. People in Athens celebrate its biggest religious festival of the year during Easter. It’s the ideal spot to watch people that dress up in costume. Consider touring its archaeological sites, such as the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Hephaestus Temple. Set aside time for a visit to Lycabettus Hill. If you love nature, you could stroll through one of Athens’ idyllic parks. As a case in point, you can enjoy an adventure with your family by going at the Environmental Awareness Park Antonis Tritsis. This park has it all. Don't miss out the Diomidios Botanical Garden, with a rich variety of flora for nature lovers and families. Article written by Corine Smith and www.gpluxurycarhire.com