An arty rendezvous: an exhibition that takes you 5,000 years back in time

The Museum of Cycladic Art celebrates 30 years of presence with the atmospheric and highly interesting exhibition entitled “Cycladic Society 5000 years ago.” The early Cycladic culture is presented from a modern angle, through selected archaeological findings that are highlighted by additional information, in an evocatively lit space area that centres attention on the unknown aspects of a unique culture through a total of 191 ancient objects. They come from the Museum’s collection, the Inspectorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades (98 works from the Museums of Naxos, Apeiranthos, Syros and Paros), the National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Pavlos and Alexandra Kanellopoulos. At the same time, the photo exhibition entitled “Robert McCabe. Memories & Monuments of the Aegean” will be running until March. It is an exhibition of photographs of archaeological sites and pictures of everyday life in the Aegean islands. The fact that the Cycladic Art Museum features a highly interesting shop and an excellent restaurant, offering a complete experience to visitors, is an additional upside. INFO 4, Neofytou Douka Str., Vasilissis Sofias Av. and 1, Irodotou Str., www.cycladic.gr