“GR80s”: get to know the Greece of the’80s through an exhibition!

The first major participatory exhibition in Greece is a fact, and it is about the 1980s.  Besides, it is bilingual and, therefore, particularly friendly to foreign visitors of the city too. Photos, clothes, all kinds of souvenirs and memorabilia, toys, pieces of furniture, audiovisual records and anything you can imagine will be among the exhibits on the exhibition called “GR80s. The Greece of the Eighties at the Technopolis”, which is to open on 25 January. Until March, the exhibition that is hosted in the old industrial gas facilities in Athens will revive the history, the culture and the atmosphere of the ’80s, in a partnership between the “Technopolis of the City of Athens” and the “Onassis Cultural Centre”. The public and private life during the decade will be recomposed through 4,000 interactive exhibits, four subject areas, 13 kiosks, rare photos, extensive audio-visual material and more than 30 parallel events. The result is expected to be very realistic since a large part of the exhibits came from volunteers who lent authentic objects of the decade for the exhibition.