Discovering the beautiful Greece by sea

Greece is one of the most beautiful place in the world, with its history, its landscapes, its people and its amazing sea. One of the best way to discover this land is with a boat: you will be free to go wherever you want, see all the beautiful beaches and islands you want, far from the chaos and from all the tourists. Mykonos is one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean. Drop the anchor in a sheltered bay and take the tender into Mykonos town for a look around. Mykonos is a delightful island, with the prevailing winds from the North in the summer, the beaches and coves on the south side are better protected, but also more crowded. And be warned, several of the beaches on the south coast are nudist! To get away from it, head for the north coast. This is also the perfect place for windsurfers. Rent a boat and enjoy The greek islands The island of Naxos is one of the biggest in the Cyclades, but much more traditional than Mykonos. The town of Naxos is typical of these islands, with its white-washed houses and narrow alleyways tumbling down the hillside to the harbour. The harbour itself is lined with cafes and tavernas, and there is even a tiny white-washed church on a little island in the harbour. Go ashore and immerse yourself in the sights and smells of the Cyclades. The small island of Milos in a true paradise. The island is located south west of the Cyclades and is characterized by its lunar landscape with rocks and white sand. The beaches are the most beautiful part of the island, many of them are hidden and so magnificent that they'll take your breath away. Santorini is an extraordinary island. When you sail into the flooded crater of this now-extinct volcano. This volcano erupted in 1450 BC it brought to an end one of the most powerful civilisations to have ruled the Mediterranean — the Minoans. For an extraordinary sunset experience, you can go to Oia in the very north of the island and have dinner as you watch the sunset over the caldera. Because of Santorini’s volcanic rock foundation, it has several distinctive sand beaches you will not see on the other islands. Santorini’s Red Beach is located near the town of Fira and is easily accessible. Assuming you’ve moored your boat at Vlychada Marina, you can walk down the steps, admiring the red cliffs as you head down to the sand. These are just some of the islands that teem in the greek sea, and renting a boat you will be free to choose the island you prefer the most and move between the others... So, what are you waiting for? By Sara QUAGLIARIELLO from www.filovent.it