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Athens Wonders introduce you to Athens on a scooter!

Are you looking for an alternative way to move around Athens without distance limitations, mass transport or endless walking? The newly formed – and highly energetic – team of Athens Wonders is here to provide a stylish, elegant and practical way of touring the sites and interesting corners of Athens to a public that loves originality and wants to feel flexible and independent. The team’s stylish vintage scooters give participants an opportunity to visit, within a short time period, parts of the city that would be practically impossible for one to see if one moved, for example, by using public transport. The tour programs and packages are value-for-money and are in line with the new trends and the pace of the city, yet without ignoring the traditional areas. Depending on your interests, there are special programs for specific areas, such as the southern suburbs and the Athenian Riviera. Other programs are performed with the help of a specially customized GPS (including the best-selling Hippest Corners), and there are also theme tours that take place with a guide, such as the gastronomic, the architectural, the photographic and the history tour.