Meet the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)

After years of work, on 31/10 the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) opened its doors to the public, inaugurating its new home in the Fix district. Along with the regular exhibitions that it hosts during this first term of its operation, its ambition is to be a museum open to all people. It starts with the exhibition entitled “EMST- MHKA Critical Dialogues: Athens – Antwerp” (31/10/2016 -29/01/2017), a co-production with the “Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art” (MHKA) that is a theoretical and visual dialogue, based on works from the collections of the two Museums, and includes more than 70 works. On 12 November, films by pupils from schools in Greece will be shown, based on the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York) book entitled “Young Charlotte Filmmaker” by Frank Viva, and the top three films of the competition section will be awarded a prize. Moreover, the collaboration between the “EMST” and “documenta” is another point of reference, since a part of the exhibition activity of “documenta” will be hosted in Athens from April onwards, while works of the EMST will travel to Kassel. National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) Corner of Kallirrois Ave. & A. Frantzi Str. (the former Fix brewery) www.emst.gr