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“Upupa Epops”: The new cocktail hot-spot in Kato Petralona

Although it only opened late last summer, “Upupa Epops” made a dynamic entry into the cocktail scene of Athens. The name of the new bar in the up-and-coming district of Kato Petralona, which borders popular neighborhoods such as Gazi and Thissio, comes from the scientific name of the hoopoe. This fact is reflected both in the place’s style and décor and in the list of cocktails created by the talented Marfi Balis. Located in a small compound of three buildings of the inter-War period that surround a courtyard, it features a maximal-retro style with some freestyle notes. The deliberately preserved signs of wear on the walls tie in well with various antiques to create a quite atmospheric ensemble that matches with all the cocktails (signature, classic, bubbly) from a bar that uses quality materials. The result is a complete fine- drinking experience. Try the Bluegrass Sour, with drops of bourbon smoked, and the Signore Rubino, an explosive cocktail with Hennessy, Benedictine, Rubino Ambrato vermouth and orange oils. The house opens from the morning for coffee, and if the couch that faces outwards happens to be free, don’t let the opportunity go to waste! 7, Alkminis Str., Kato Petralona