Rhodes, the Wonder of the Dodecanese

It is without a doubt Rhodes is one of the main tourist destinations of the Mediterranean! In order to furthermore explain lets briefly overview what this magnificent island has to offer. To begin, Rhodes is the main and largest island of the Dodecanese islands of Greece. Rhodes or Ῥόδος, as it is written in Greek, is the farthest island southeast of the Aegean Sea. Moreover, due to its prime location, only 10 miles from the coast of Turkey, it is common to take a one day cruise from Rhodes to Marmaris.  Famous for the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, the island speaks of its legend, history and culture by means of its best spokesman, the breathtaking scenery. The Colossus of Rhodes Just outside the ancient city walls, between the market and the port, you will see two astonishing columns each standing at about fifty feet high, with a deer on top. These are not two simple ancient columns. Dating back to the times before Christ, there once stood one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the legendary and mythicaColossus of Rhodes.  The Colossus of Rhodes was a gargantuan male figure standing over one hundred feet tall overlooking the harbor of Rhodes. In order to reach the port, it is believed one had to pass beneath the grand structure.  This impressive statue has inspired legends and movies, tales about it have been widely used throughout history.  When you go there, take a moment to transport yourself back in time and imagine the Colossus and its two legs instead of the two columns standing before you. I am sure it will instill the fear and respect many ancient inhabitants had towards the people and island of Rhodes. Ancient History Nowadays, the unyielding, awe inspiring and well preserved ancient city walls of Rhodes firmly welcomes its tourists. Inside the ancient walls lives a thriving old town full of life and color. You will find delectable restaurants and souvenir shops whose articles greatly depict the island’s history and culture. In the evening, shops close and the nightlife remains very present, with interesting pubs, restaurants and clubs. Rhodes: the Agora Driving up the hill where the upper town is located, you can find some of Rhodes Agora ruins. It was the center of ancient life, where people gathered to buy at the market or to offer sacrifices to the gods of Mount Olympus. Few columns are still present, believed to have been of the ancient temple. If you love history, you will definitely enjoy it. After seeing the Agora ruins, I suggest you continue driving down the same road until you reach the spectacular view of the Aegean Sea. It is located on the west side of the peninsula. Take a moment to capture some photos. Afterwards, relax while contemplating the horizon. I guarantee you; the sunset will make the experience even more amazing! Lindos: Simply Gorgeous! From Rhodes, drive fifty minutes southward, on the eastern side lies the village of Lindos. In Spanish “lindo” means beautiful and that it truly is. I do not know of any other relationship between the name of the village and the Spanish word, but if you absolutely enjoyed Rhodes’ old town, here you will be amazed. Τypical donkeys will take you from the central square to the door of the ancient ruins, on the top narrow streets with views of the traditional white homes. (Be very cautious, very slippery and best to go with sneakers rather than flip flops.) Extremely beautiful! Petaloudes: Butterflies’ Valley Some twenty seven kilometers from Rhodes and five kilometers southeast of the village of Theologos, next to the town of Petaloudes (from the Greek word Πεταλούδες meaning butterflies) on the western side of the island lies the Valley of Butterflies. I highly suggest you spend one day visiting this valley. You will find yourself immersed in the nature of lush trees, high mountains and millions of butterflies! There is nothing more remarkable than seeing these butterflies flutter throughout the valley, as if they were all waltzing to the same melody. In addition, the shaded paths and milder temperatures will guide you, along with the crabs. Yes! You read correctly, mountain crabs! Is it not intriguing? The months of July and August are the best months to walk through this valley of fairytale-like marvel. As you stroll through Petaloudes, allow your eyes to take in the million dollar views. Rhodes: The Beaches Right when you thought Rhodes was only sandy beaches, you will change your mind after reading this article! Of course, the beaches are relaxing, romantic and simply beautiful. You can choose from any kind of beach: sandy, stony, lagoons and wider ones. Nevertheless, my favorite beach is without a doubt Tsambika Beach. There you will not only find fine sand and crystal clear water, there are also beautiful mountains in the background watching over the beachgoers. In order to reach Tsambika Beach, you have to drive a few minutes from the main road, Rhodes-Lindos. Along the path it is common to find a couple of hungry goats here and there, so bring a few extra pieces of bread for a 100% rural experience. Moreover, the lagoons are also common in Rhodes, such as the Anthony Quinn Bay. Does the name ring a bell? It was named after a famous actor who fell in love with the bay after shooting a film there. Also, Lindos has great beaches. I recommend avoiding the western part of the island, where winds and strong currents make the sea less “enjoyable”. All in all, Rhodes is beyond doubt worth the time! If you ever enjoyed Ibiza or the Balearic islands, then I recommend you definitely come here. It is just like these two other islands, but more calm. Therefore, why consider going anywhere else to relax? That is it for me. Now I will allow the photos to do the rest of the talking. article by www.polakidis.com see original article here