Secret Greece: Dive into the deep green of Thassos

Endless forests, an enchanting scenery, and greenery that reaches down to the sea. These are some of the strengths of Thassos, this not-so-known island, which boasts high mountains and countless beaches with green-blue waters. The island’s beaches are beautiful and pristine, with turquoise waters; in some of them, in fact, there is crushed white marble at the bottom, adding a different tone to the waters. There are also many picturesque villages that will make you forget that you are on an island.  Limenas - the capital of the island - is a large, seaside village built largely in the architectural style of Macedonia. Its highlights are the picturesque Old Port that offers the best views of the sea and the Archaeological Museum. If you like fascinating contrasts, visit also the peninsula of Alykes and the area of the Mines. Finally, buy local products, such as honey, olive oil, olives, walnut and fig preserves.