A Guide to Zante’s Best Beaches

Greece boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe – and Zante really is no exception. With soaring temperatures year-round and miles of golden sands to explore, it’s easy to see why relaxing by the sea is such a popular past time here.  There’s something to suit visitors of all ages, and plenty of opportunities to move between beaches in order to find the perfect spot. Of all of the beaches available to visit, four stand out as offering something truly unique.  Navagio Beach Also known as ‘Shipwreck Beach’, Navagio beach is home to an exposed cove, making a visit here a truly memorable experience. The views at Navagio are stunning, both along the shoreline and from the viewing platform that lingers above. The beach is only accessible by boat but we had no problems getting across as trips to the cove are fairly regular. Navagio is small and fairly secluded, at least in comparison to many of Zante’s other popular beaches. Even so, the coves here make it a hotspot for tourists so it’s worth planning your trip in advance - the breath-taking scenery will more than make up for it once you arrive. Kalamaki This stunning stretch of coastline is a lot bigger than Navagio beach, but an afternoon spent here can be just as relaxing. A popular destination with tourists, Kalamaki is a family-friendly beach with ample room for sunbathing, paddling or watching the sun set. There are plenty of beachfront cafes scattered around here, where visitors can enjoy a welcome selection of cold drinks and refreshments. Parts of the beach are restricted due to the presence of turtle nests, although it’s certain to be a memorable experience for visitors who are lucky enough to spot one. Banana Beach Visitors to Banana Beach are greeted by a sea of parasols and sundecks, each of which are available for rent throughout the day. You’ll definitely appreciate a little extra shade here, where the waters are known to glisten brightly under the blazing sun. There’s a particularly relaxed atmosphere at Banana Beach, making it the perfect choice for families keen to break away from Zante’s more party-focused areas. Couples will love it here too and should take the time to enjoy a romantic stroll along the shoreline. St Nicholas Beach If water-sports are your thing, a visit to St Nicholas beach is a must. There’s a huge range of activities available here including jet ski rental and scuba-diving excursions. The free shuttle bus running to and from the beach makes it an easy one to access from all across the island. It can get fairly busy here at peak times, with the crystal clear waters and lively atmosphere continuing to make it a popular choice for visitors of all ages. Those wishing to relax may benefit from visiting a little earlier in the day, as the beach is known to enter into party mode as the evening draws on. Amyj Rutherford works as a content editor for Holiday Hypermarket, a leading retailer of package holidays to Zante. She’s a massive fan of the island and a veteran beachgoer.