“I read; I travel; I become” Derek Walcott

I wondered many times why I like reading and even more why I like travelling ... maybe it’s because deep down “I read while travelling and I travel while reading”? If I consider the experiences with which a book fulfils me, the cultures that I come in contact with, the different communities I discover and “live in”, then I understand that reading is nothing else but a “journey” at different times and societies. If I also consider the knowledge I gain by making a trip, it is like “reading” about other cultures, characters, customs and languages​​... Reading and travelling is an escape in time and space, and this escape is valuable for all of us… In our effort there are no time limitations. Even a few hours of contact with the Greek language and the Greek habits are enough to feel part of this place. If your destination isGreeceand you wish to become familiar with the language and its little secrets, we are waiting for you to start together a journey of words and senses in various areas, from the mountains of Zagorochoria to the beautiful Crete... We discover together the language that is hidden in our songs, movies, tales and recipes. We come, therefore, out of the limits of the standard class and we learn Greek through traveling, hiking or making a historic walk. We are inviting you in a tour in the language and culture of our country! Join us! Editor: Peek at Greek Webpage: www.peekatgreek.com Facebook: Peek at Greek