Two new hotels in the Cyclades

In Paros, in a very privileged spot, right on the beautiful beach of Mikri Santa Maria, the “Seven Santa Maria”, which opened on a pilot basis late last summer, this year comes as a surprise in an island that doesn’t boast many remarkable, seaside boutique hotels. As you enter the all-white, self-contained apartments in Cycladic style that share two-storey buildings and are beautifully incorporated into the landscape, you relax at once. Without being all particularly large, they win you with their pleasantly minimal décor in modern island-chic style, with excellent fabrics and consumables. The exterior of each apartment (in a covered yard or veranda) is particularly well laid out, featuring sofas and an open-plan kitchen. The “Naxian Utopia” exclusive villas & suites resort is a new arrival in Naxos. It is located 2 km. from the Hora of Naxos and 500 m. from Agios Prokopios, the island’s most popular beach. Its spaces respect the Cycladic nature and its raw and untamed character. It consists of five villas and four suites, which blend traditional elements, modern design, and high-quality amenities. Elegant minimalism prevails both in the restaurant and in the hammam and the sauna, while the resort also provides services such as the organization of cruises and the charter of a helicopter or private jet.