“Odori”: a new cocktail bar in the centre of Athens

In the heart of Athens, the team of the multi-awarded cocktail bar “The Clumsies”, the top bars at the Bar Awards – Shaker Trophy by Athinorama, recently created a uniquely stylish all-day bar that pivots around herbs and vermouths. At the “Odori Vermuteria di Atene” (2, Skouleniou Str.) –this is its full name– the Italian atmosphere of the aperitivo flirts with classical elements and modern touches, with the metal birdcages, the beautiful tiles and, of course, the bottles of vermouth standing out.  The drinks list is complemented by a wide variety of Greek spirits, an inclusive wine list, some classic cocktails and some high-profile signature cocktails. The retrospective look at the history of vermouth through three 50ml bottles won’t leave you indifferent, while you will be able to make your own Negroni, choosing among four vermouths and four spirits. The drinks are accompanied by dishes of a refined Italian cuisine. It is no coincidence that the place features a wood-burning oven for authentic pizzas that are baked for 60 seconds, as it is done in Napoli. The food list is complemented by fresh pasta, salads and bruschettas.