The open-air cinemas of downtown Athens

The open-air cinemas that are located in almost every corner of the city center are one of the most special experiences of the Athenian summer and an also a beloved habit of all Athenians. The “Cine Thission” in Dionysiou Areopagitou Street holds consistently one of the top places among the best open-air cinemas worldwide, offering breathtaking views of the Acropolis and exquisite traditional cheese pie. In Troon Street in Ano Petralona - a famous downtown district with a lot of eateries and lively bars – you’ll find the “Zephyros”. There, you will only find reissues of classic films, fantastic homemade walnut pie, and excellent ice cream. In the district of Plaka, the roof of the “Cine Paris” –from where you have partial views of the Parthenon– adds a cinematic “scent” to the area of Athens that attracts most tourists. At the bar, there is a decent selection of beers and whiskey, while there is a large shop at the entrance, with film posters for those who want to give and a touch of memorabilia to their evening. In the Zappeion, the major advantages of “Aigli” are the lush natural decor and the possibility for Private Dining. If you like Hollywood, you just found your temple. Now, going up towards the square of Exarchia, the “Riviera” and the “Vox” have grown generations of moviegoers in the most bohemian neighborhood of the city center. Further up, on the outskirts of the same neighborhood, two other cinemas complement the quartet: on the one hand, the “Panathenaia”, with their little fountains, offer cart-postal-like pictures; on the other hand, a fresh wind blows in the renovated “Ecran”, which also features a very remarkable movie memorabilia shop. In the cosmopolitan district of Kolonaki, the “Cine Dexameni” monopolizes the attention with its excellent options and its stairs that remind of an island of the Aegean. Out last stop is the “Athinea”: a garden located in a beautiful pedestrian walkway, renowned for good movies and fresh cheese pie.