The fascinating beach of Sfogio

Choosing the island of Zakynthos as your summer destination, one thing’s for sure: you have made an excellent choice. The island is full of natural beauties and enchanting destinations ready to be explored. Especially the western side of the island that is full of natural beauties and charms is the most appropriate starting point for your excursions. As soon as you arrive at the island, head for the northwest side of the island and particularly for the Elaties municipality. There, thirty kilometers away from the town of Zakynthos and twenty kilometers away from Laganas port, depending on which route you choose, you will meet a small village called Maries, suitable either as a starting point for every excursion and daily trip or just as a place available for accommodation. About seven kilometers far from the village, there is located the picturesque bay of Porto Vromi, which is accessible by car. Just after you reach the port, you will meet many boats, available for renting and ready to offer you an enjoyable tour along the west coasts of the island. As is known to all, the island of Zakynthos is mainly famous for the legendary Wreck Beach, which attracts countless visitors from around the world. What may not be known to the most is that on the west side of the island there is a beach, created with equal beauty and majesty, a beach called Sfogio. Sfogio beach is almost twenty minutes away from Shipwreck beach and about fifteen minutes away of Porto Vromi. The access to Sfogio is only possible via sea by any kind of boat. It certainly is a dreamy beach with crystal clear blue waters and fine, white sand. The landscape is famous for its wild beauty, caused by the high wild cliffs that surround the clear blue sea. As soon as you set foot in the beach you will feel that you are at your private earthly paradise. A dive deep down the cool, clear waters will relax you and give you a boost. After swimming, you can enjoy sunbathing under the beneficial properties of the sun and the iodine. The velvety sand is suitable for peeling and perfect for stimulating your body and firming your skin. For those who seek for the coolness of the shade, the wild cliffs and rocks that surround the beach are the ideal solution. Except the rare sight of wild beauty and the benefit of cool shade, the wild rocks also offer a wonderful sight, since on the top of them you can see fish-shaped fossils, which are shapely in such way that even their scales can be distinguished. Sfogio beach is suitable for couples who seek for isolation and also groups that look for peace and quiet. The only sounds that interrupt the tranquility are the distinctive splash of the waves and the sounds of nature. You can either choose to visit Sfogio only for limited time, maybe for an hourly stop, so you can have the opportunity to enjoy your swim and the sun, or you can choose to arrange a daily trip, exclusively dedicated to Sfogio. Keep in mind that the beach, beyond the beauty and relaxation offers no organization for its guests, since it has no tourist infrastructure, and this fact absolutely makes it a unique destination. For this reason, if your outing will be long, make sure that you are procured with food, fruits and water. Do not leave this place without enjoying the sunset and admiring the magnificent sun setting in the crystal Ionian waters. Sfogio beach is a place that you should definitely visit. Arriving at the place you will feel that time has stopped somewhere between the sounds of nature and sea. If you visit Sfogio once, hereinafter this beach will become one of your favorite destinations. articly by renata-boat-zakynthos-trips.com