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BMX adventures in the Aegean Islands

Pro BMX rider Panagiotis Manaras decided to repeat the thrilling non-stop tour that he attempted last year for the very first time on the Ionian islands! This time he set sail for the Cycladic Islands with his Spanish guest, the BMX pro rider Sergio Layos. From windswept Andros, to the tiny alleys on Mykonos, then on to Santorini’s gorgeous setting and ended on the moonlike Sarakiniko bay on Milos. The riders & filming crew boarded the sailboat that was to be their home for a week and “Manaras 24/7 – The Aegean Adventures” began! On Andros, Panagiotis and Sergio enjoyed their first riding with a view of the Aegean Sea. They then set sail for Mykonos, the cosmopolitan island with its tiny white streets before heading to idyllic Santorini. A ramp in the middle of a vineyard was all the BMX duo needed to pull out some awesome tricks under the Greek sun. Their last stop was Milos and they headed over to Sarakiniko Bay. Panagiotis now looks forward to the next sea voyage that will take place next year. «To ride a bike with a friend and top rider like Sergio, is in itself really awesome. When you manage to do it on four of the most beautiful Aegean islands, while travelling on a sailboat, with a crew of photographers and filmographers to save and share the moments, it simply becomes a lifetime dream-come-true”, says Panagiotis, who is already on the lookout for his next project! With the unique view of the Cycladic islands as their backdrop, the boys disembarked on one island per day and explored it in their own unique way! They returned full of awesome memories and accompanied by dolphins…  article by