At the beautiful Kryoneri

Krioneri got its name from the abundant natural resources of the region. You can swim in the organized sandy beach (shallow water - ideal for children and games in the sea) and enjoy fresh fish or a coffee, a drink and the nightlife at the beach shops. Also, many climbing slopes start from here, making Krioneri an ideal destination for even the most discerning guest. It is one of the reasons, after all, which led to the development of tourism in the region. Guests can engage in their favorite hobbies like water sports, fishing, rafting and kayaking on the Evinos River, mountain climbing, rock climbing, paragliding flight from the slopes of Varasova. Many cultural monuments are preserved In the area of ​​Krioneri. Churches with great historical and cultural interest, caves since prehistoric times, castles and many other monuments of particular interest. In Varasova you can find the remains of 72 churches and monasteries and ruins of the seaside city Chalkis. Given the large number of churches that are built, the Varasova also referred to as small Mount Athos. The beauty of the landscape, the variety of the compact rocks and the easy access to Varasova established as one of the popular climbing areas of Greece. article by glyka-apartments.gr and ekryoneri.gr