Mykonos hot-el openings

The island of winds is experiencing tailwinds in the form on new hotel arrivals. An island of such cosmopolitan class, such as Mykonos, needs really dynamic new proposals that stand out, and everything indicates that the new high-level hotels that open their doors on the island will make the impact they deserve. The brand new Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites in Ornos is expected to be a unique option for the island, as it features 35 rooms and suites with unique designer objects and furniture from famous brands and a gourmet restaurant, on an elegant terrace overlooking the sea, whose cuisine will be curated by Chef Yiorgos Stylianoudakis. The great Bill & Coo Coast Suites will open in May, with 15 stylish suites of various types divided into levels, with views of the sea and Delos, a private beach club and swimming pool with infinity view. The Kirini My Mykonos Retreat is a hot new arrival that comes from Santorini, in the area of Aleomandra, with suites, a spa, and a gourmet restaurant, with Yiorgos Iakovides as executive chef. The Mykonos Waves Beach House & Suites, on the other hand, is oriented towards a more “sport” version of holidays at Korfos Beach -the favorite beach of kite surfers- as it is simple yet luxurious in a new style. Last but not least, the beautiful boutique resort hotel Lyo is about to open, close to Super Paradise beach.