Ermis of Music & Chios Island

© G. Milisis

1) According to some of your song names like Aegean Blue, kalokairi, Oinousses etc.Greece seems like an inspiration for you. What does Greece as a destination mean for you?

Greece, with all its unique colours, smells and music, is my ‘sense of belonging’. I belong here and this is why having studied and worked abroad, I returned here, got a piano, painted it blue and devoted myself to music.

Which Greek place has been the muse for a song that you have created?

I am inspired by the simple joys of the Greek life. The sea and sun, the conversations and stories. In the summer of 2019, I took a boat to my favorite destination, the island of Chios. On the way, we sailed by the island of Oinousses, which looked so magical that I wrote a song with the same title, just to remember it.

3) Which Greek place would you choose for shooting a music video clip and why?

Chios, of course. From the beautiful citrus trees of ‘Campos’ to the beautiful black beaches and stone-built villages of southern Chios, this island is filled with the simple joys I appreciate the most.

4) We have already stated in an interview that you adore the cinema and are keen on film scoring sometime. Which is your favourite movie shot in Greece?

In sight of my trip to Chios, someone dear to me introduced me to ‘The Tree We Hurt’, a beautifully innocent movie shot in the village of Mesta. The movie revolves around the summer of two friends and schoolmates who get into all sorts of troubles and adventures. It reminds me of the summers I spent with my grandparents in Arta, where me and my siblings spent all our days outside, in olive groves or the village’s plaza. These are some of my best memories and they will always live in me. 

5) If you had the chance to collaborate with a producer or composer, who would you choose and why?

I would love to work with, or even just observe mr. Vangelis Papathanasiou. I am mesmerized by the way his music manages to depict the emotion of a scene without ever being suggestive.

© M. Karydi

6) You have been professionally occupied with music for the last decade. What's that one thing which you wish you knew at the beginning?

You need to have a level of innocence at the beginning. At least I did and it helped me not to think twice about becoming a composer. It would have been nice to know that there is no need to rush and stress so much about the future. Happiness comes from progress and progress often comes from fear. Even then, you need to enjoy the journey. 

7) Many young people choose to be occupied with music as a hobby or professionally. What would you advise them?

In order to pursue music as a profession, one needs to have a certain level of determination. People with that determination are not going to take much advice anyway, so I do not need to give any. To those who dare, I encourage them to treasure both the moments of success and the periods of self-doubt and weakness, as they are all part of the journey. As far as the creative part of music is concerned, my only advice is to create with honesty.