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An island of beauty and magic

Mykonos has been known as the island of the winds, and it’s located in the heart of the Cyclades group. Its fame has spread across the world, as a cosmopolitan and luxurious holiday destination.  Bathed in the bright sunlight of the Aegean by day, she dresses in charm and mystery by night, beckoning its visitors to dance and have fun in the beach bars and clubs, go for a shopping spree in luxury stores, visit its art venues, and -in short- have a truly memorable stay!

There are, however, two faces to this island that not many people know of. The first one is the obviously intense, shiny and cosmopolitan aspect of it, and the other one is particularly picturesque, with stone-paved alleys, whitewashed houses, country chapels and windmills, that ooze calm and peace. What makes this island special is that it can cover a variety of demands: you can visit it for its archaeological sites;  get to know the local traditions in its picture-perfect villages; and you can explore its amazing beaches, considered by many as the top ones in the Aegean Sea. Chora is quite an impressive and picturesque Cycladic town. You will find top hotels and resorts, designer clothes and goldsmiths boutiques, art galleries, and some of the most famous restaurants and bars in Greece. For a taste of culture and history, take a boat trip to nearby Delos Island; it’s a big and impressive archaeological site.
Small picturesque houses next to each other on the sea.
The island was named after the hero Mykonos, son of Anios, King of Delos, who was born to god Apollo and the nymph Reo. According to the myth, this is the place where the giants slain by Hercules were buried and that is why the island is strewn with big rocks.

Unique Experiences

Touring the Island

The island capital is a typical town of the Cyclades, one that will impress you with its sheer beauty and style. Walk along its narrow backstreets, see the little whitewashed houses with the blue-coloured window frames and the small wooden balconies, the pots of colourful fragrant flowers, the little churches & the museums, pass by the busy shops that line the streets and enjoy your shopping and dining - your options are many.
Visit Panagia Paraportiani Church, the Town Hall, and the Castle on the hill overlooking the harbour. Visit also the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Collection of Mykonos, and the Aegean Maritime Museum. The Archaeological Museum was established in 1905 and it houses finds from the nearby Rineia Island.
In the warm months of the year, the pedestrian streets of Mykonos - mostly Matogianni - are buzzing with life as there are designer clothes and jewellery boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants to cater for all needs any time of day & night. Go for a stroll in the picturesque harbour area and see the multi-coloured fishing boats moored next to each other.

Among the most popular and beautiful neighbourhoods of the town is Alefkandra or Little Venice. This quarter was built in the 18th century, and the stately homes of the local rich sea captains and traders of that time line the waterfront. The houses are impressive, with bright-coloured balconies and wooden galleries, and as they are washed by the sea they have earned this neighbourhood its second name, with a direct reference to the famous Italian city. Upon arriving at Little Venice you will see the island’s landmark -  the imposing windmills, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Ano Mera
This is Mykonos’ second traditional town, which extends inland around the historic monastery of Panagia Tourliani (a three-aisled 16th c. church with an icon screen that is a masterpiece of  wood-carving art). This beautiful picturesque little town, built in the local island style, is located near the centre of the island, along the road towards the northeastern beaches. You’ll find a wide range of traditional tavernas to choose from. North of Ano Mera, in the Ftelia location, you will see the ruins of a Neolithic Age village and a Mycenaean Period tomb dating to the 14th - 13th c. BC. Visit St. George’s Church, the Gyzi mediaeval castle (13th c.) and the Holy Trinity Church. In the castle which dominates the hill, you can see  the archaeological remains dating from the 12th c. BC to the 1st c. BC. Enjoy your coffee or your meal at the town square.  

Agios Stefanos
It’s a seaside village with a beautiful beach. Visit Agios Stefanos chapel, the Armenistis lighthouse in the Fanari area, and Choulakia, a cove with an impressive pebble beach.

This picturesque village has a sheltered little harbour and a lovely beach washed by crystal-clear waters.

This is a seaside village, particularly popular with the rich and famous. Visit nearby Platys Gialos where you will see the ruins of ancient towers dating to the Hellenistic Period (late 4th - 1st c. BC). At a 1km distance, there are two beautiful sandy beaches, Agia Anna and Paraga.

This village by the sea has a small wharf where fishing boats are moored. Its beach is a favourite spot for water sports fans. Visit the archaeological site at Divounia area, and the chapel in Agia Anna location by the sandy beach.

Make sure you also plan a trip to nearby Delos Island. This is a very small island with a huge religious significance for the ancient Greeks, as this was the birthplace of the gods Apollo and Artemis. It’s an awesome large archaeological site you should definitely include in your list of must-visit places!


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Mykonos is connected to Piraeus and other Aegean ports. The conventional ferries make the route "Piraeus - Mykonos" in about 4.5 hours while the high-speed ones in about 2.5Mykonos is also connected with the ports of Thessaloniki and Rafina's.
Mykonos is connected to Athens International Airport, the flight lasts 50 minutes but also to Macedonia International Airport (Thessaloniki), it is also connected to other airports in Greece.

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