Αnchors aweigh!

Deserted beaches that cannot be reached by land are in abundance. Escaping to the blue by boat has its own unique charm that is linked to man's primordial need to become an integral part of nature.

Dozens of companies rent out recreational boats. Known for their professionalism and large experience, they are a guarantee for safe, economical and unforgettable holidays for the group or family who decide to try this one-of-a-kind and memorable experience. The Greek seas and coasts, with their many comparative advantages, have made yachting a very popular activity, among both the Greek people and foreign visitors.

A trip on the calm Greek waters, on your own or a chartered yacht, offers you the possibility to sail among extremely beautiful clusters of islands, to anchor in naturally protected bays of rare beauty, to visit inaccessible beaches and to swim with safety in exceptionally clear and transparent waters.

Arrival on a privately owned vessel (foreign flag)
Before arriving in Greece on your own vessel bearing a foreign flag, you should obtain information on the basic regulations in force concerning entry and exit, as well as the formalities required. For more information click here

Yacht chartering procedure
When chartering a yacht, you should know:
-what type of yacht you are interested in;
-if you wish to have a crew on the yacht or not;
-the number of people to be accommodated on the yacht;
-the number of days and the exact dates of your trip; and
-the departure port.

For information regarding yacht chartering procedures in Greece, click on one of the following:
Charter contract

More information regarding yacht charters is provided by the Hellenic Professional Yacht Owner Association, the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association as well as the competent authorities.

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Well-being does not concern physical health only. It is a general feeling, an internal ray of health, force and beauty. It is an on-going process. With one of the best climates in the world, with a unique variety of nature, as well as one of the healthiest diets in the world, Greece is the ideal proposal for psychological and physical health and the search for well-being! The ancient Greek writers and philosophers praised the thermal springs, where the Nymphs offered the divine gifts of health, wellbeing, strength, and spirit invigoration.

Youth Trips

The sun, the sea, the beach. Various activities all year round, the night bursting with life and pleasure, the food intriguously tasty. This is Greece, and young people carry it with their memories, lingering in the need to visit again.