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Wall of Dymaeans

Near Patras stands a Wall built by Hercules. Discover it!

Discover a lesser-known, yet mysteriously magnificent prehistoric acropolis in Achaia, 35 km southwest of Patras, in cape Araxos: the Wall of Dymaeans (Teichos Dymaion, or Castle of Kalogria). The Wall of Dymaeans is the only example of fortified Mycenaean Acropolis in Western Greece.

According to the ancient Greek mythology, it was built by the semigod Hercules in order to protect the land of Dyme from the incursions of the Eleans. In fact, the fort was constructed in the Mycenaean period (c. 1300.B.C.) and remained in use until the Venetian rule. The defensive enceinte is circular, and its dimensions are awe-inspiring (300 m length, 10 m height and 5 m width).

Explore the mythological origins of this ancient settlement, and admire its excellent strategic position at the top of the rocky heights of the Black Mountains. Observe closely its geniously curvy-shaped fortification that runs all along its perimeter, and serves as an advantageous position for the defenders. Notice the well-restored towers, the impressive walls, the monumental gates, the bastions, the houses, and the majestic altars. With your mind’s eyes visualise how life used to be in an ancient Greek fortified settlement, which was also the centre of administration during the Mycenaean Era.

Don’t give it a second thought! If you find yourself around Patras, welcome this unique opportunity to visit an acropolis of unparalleled beauty resembling the ones Homer vividly describes in his epics!