This is not Romeo & Juliet

Argyris Pandazaras’ This is not Romeo & Juliet, based on Shakespeare’s masterpiece, continues its successful run with the addition of new dates. Featuring Argyris Pandazaras and Sissy Toumasi, it’s a perpetual roleplaying game that’s set to seduce audiences, while blurring the boundaries between myth and reality.

Two eternal teenagers, drunk with love, burst into the theatre. They dream, fall in love, escape reality and squabble with death!They hold “Romeo and Juliet” as their own private talisman, armed to the teeth with all of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers. They refuse to fall in love, refuse to embody their roles and refuse to die, until the world is purged of injustice. Two protagonists devoid of their own words. Two protagonists devoid of their own play. A tragic comedy that is not…Romeo and Juliet.

English surtitles.

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