SwimRun Hydra 2022

SwimRun is a race with many peculiarities and challenges. Athletes participate in pairs, competing on off-road running and open water swimming courses, with constant changes from one sport to the other, tied together with an elastic rope.

The routes, and distances of the SwimRun, are as follows:
- Initiation distance SwimRun 12,8k (4 legs of Run, total distance 10,8k, 84,4% | 3 legs of Swim, total distance 2k, 15,6%)
- Core distance SwimRun 24,1k (6 legs of Run, total distance 19,4k, 80,4% | 5 legs of Swim, total distance 4,7k, 19,6%)
- Advanced distance SwimRun 40,1k (7 Running Legs, total 34,5k (85%) | 6 Swimming Legs, total 5,6k (15%)

Each pair must run the entire race and finish together, tied together with the special rope provided by the organizer. The wetsuit is compulsory, as well as the swimming cap and the special T-shirt of the organization (Bib Number) which must not be removed during the whole race. Shoes and wetsuit can be removed during the swim or run respectively, but athletes must carry them with them until the end (provided by the organization and it is mandatory to use an individual waterproof float for transportation to the sea), while the wetsuit, in each subsequent swim, must be worn.

The experience is unprecedented, highly intense and with amazing changes of emotions. The landscape and nature offered by the terrain of Historic Hydra, is perfectly suited to the fulfillment of a special and indelible sporting experience!

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