100 Gypsy violins

Experience an authentic music-filled pilgrimage to Hungary. 100 virtuosos bring us the soul of the Gypsy people, a people who play with the same ease with which they breathe. 100 musicians who play instinctively, with no scores, setting aside protocol. The musicians improvise, intervene and create variations, enriching rather than betraying the compositions.

The Orchestra includes the crème de la crème of Hungarian Gypsy musicians and merges traditional Gypsy music with masterpieces of the classical repertoire, played in a unique manner.

During the first part of the concert, dressed in traditional Hungarian Gypsy costume, the members of the Orchestra will play Gypsy melodies by Bela Radics, Grigoras Dinicu, Gerenc Herkel and Vittorio Monti.

In the second part, dressed in full evening dress, the musicians will interpret classical works by Johannes Brahms, Georges Bizet, Franz Liszt, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Jacques Offenbach, Pable de Sarastae and Johann Strauss (father and son).

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