Pink Martini Live at Lazariston Monastery

The band that has given us some of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan nights is coming to Thessaloniki on Wednesday, 28 June 2023, for a concert at the Lazariston Monastery in Thessaloniki.

Pink Martini, will arrive with songs from different parts of the world, eras and styles, making the most intoxicating musical cocktail of the summer, with old and new ingredients and new songs that they will present for the first time. At the Thessaloniki show, in addition to the landmark songs we all know, they will also perform songs from their new album Thomas Lauderdale Meets the Pilgrims, which captures the band leader's love for the surf band The Pilgrims. An album that started recording in 1996 but has since remained unfinished. In the quarantine months Lauderdale went back to the original recordings, made additions and changes and over twenty-five years later delivers it to us complete, once again winking at the audience with his original approach to surf music.

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