Release Athens 2023 welcomes the wonderful Madrugada at Nerou Square on Sunday 25 June 2023, for an evening of emotional intensity and euphoria.

The beloved band from Norway, with such a large and passionate following in our country, returns to the festivals after many years, taking their rightful place as headliners.
From the very first days of their formation in 1993, Madrugada have managed to create a unique sonic landscape, based not only on the formidable voice of Sivert Høyem, one of the world's leading rock vocalists, but above all on the group's strong signature, so unique both sonically and visually that it transcends generations, genres and trends. Their six studio LPs, 2005 live album 'Live at Tralfamadore' and countless singles and EPs have won a long list of awards and reached gold or platinum status.

After their unexpected hiatus in 2008, the three remaining founding members of Madrugada returned in 2019 to honour their legendary debut album 'Industrial Silence' (1999) with a triumphant tour, accompanied by major sold-out shows at home and abroad, indicating that they are once again in a period of creativity. This was confirmed in 2021 with the release of 'Chimes at Midnight', an inspiring album described by NRK, Norway's leading media and entertainment company, as "a redemptive catharsis after many years of silence".

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